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ResourceLoader: $wgResourceLoaderLESSFunctions
Custom LESS functions. An associative array mapping function name to PHP callable.
Wprowadzono w wersji:1.22.0 (Gerrit change 78669; git #b67b9e1b)
Przestarzałe w wersji:1.24.0 (Gerrit change 161245; git #bf1168b8)
Usunięto w wersji:1.26.0 (Gerrit change 235948; git #e176c76d)
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Default value

Wersje MediaWiki:
1.24 – 1.25
$wgResourceLoaderLESSFunctions = array();
Wersje MediaWiki:
1.22 – 1.23
$wgResourceLoaderLESSFunctions = array(
	'embeddable' => 'ResourceLoaderLESSFunctions::embeddable',
	'embed' => 'ResourceLoaderLESSFunctions::embed',