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言語、地域、文字エンコードの設定: $wgRawHtmlMessages
List of messages which might contain raw HTML.
導入されたバージョン:1.32.0 (Gerrit change 449626; git #2ed7bdc)
許容される値:(メッセージ キーの配列)


This variable is primarily meant for extension so they can register sensitive messages. Extension authors should add all messages here which will be displayed without escaping (e.g. messages which use $msg->text() or $msg->plain(), and then send the text to the output without further escaping). The list is used for access control, changing messages listed here will require editsitecss and editsitejs rights in addition to editinterface already required for editing MediaWiki namespace.

To add values in an extension, add a section like this to extension.json:

"RawHtmlMessages": [

Message names must be given with underscores rather than spaces and with lowercase first letter.