General Settings: $wgProto
The secure server prefix
Introduced in version:1.3.0
Removed in version:1.18.0 (r90193)
Allowed values:(URL prefix (protocol, host, optional port; no path portion))
Default value:dynamically created



This value is set automatically when the value is determined for $wgServer if the server where the MediaWiki installation resides is a secure server.

Note that prior to 1.6.0 this setting was only used temporarily to create $wgServer , and was unset() afterwards, but from 1.6.0 onwards it remains set throughout, and is used to calculate the default value of $wgCookieSecure .

Value is set by includes/DefaultSettings.php in a "best guess" pattern. If you want to change it, you need to overwrite other related values as well or modify DefaultSettings.php.

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