Authentication: $wgPasswordResetRoutes
Whether to allow password resets identified by various bits of data.
Introduced in version:1.18.0 (r86482)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(array)
Default value:see below

Details edit

Whether to allow password resets ("enter some identifying data, and we'll send an email with a temporary password you can use to get back into the account") identified by various bits of data. Setting all of these to false (or the whole variable to false) has the effect of disabling "password resets" entirely.

  Warning: "Password reset" is different from "Password change". This variable, if set to false, prevents the former. It has no effect to the latter irrespective of its value. To know the differences between these concepts, see Manual:Resetting passwords#Differences between Special:PasswordReset and Special:ChangePassword

Default value edit

MediaWiki version:
	'username' => true,
	'email' => true,
MediaWiki versions:
1.18 – 1.25
	'username' => true,
	'email' => false,