Email settings: $wgNoReplyAddress
Reply-to address for automatically generated emails.
Introduced in version:1.5.0
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(email address)
Default value:see below



This address is used for the Reply-To: header of automatically generated emails. Any email replies will be sent to this address. It needs to be a correctly formatted email address, but it doesn't need to be real in any way.

Despite the name of the setting, this doesn't have to be a "no-reply" type address; however if you set it to a valid address, a lot of rubbish will get sent there, such as vacation auto-replies.

If you do wish to receive replies to automatically generated messages, you can set it equal to the $wgEmergencyContact address, e.g.

$wgNoReplyAddress = $wgEmergencyContact;

Default value

MediaWiki version:
 * Reply-To address for email notifications.
 * Defaults to $wgPasswordSender.
$wgNoReplyAddress = false;
MediaWiki versions:
1.5 – 1.26
 * Dummy address which should be accepted during mail send action.
 * It might be necessary to adapt the address or to set it equal
 * to the $wgEmergencyContact address.
$wgNoReplyAddress = 'reply@not.possible';