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Performance hacks and limits: $wgMiserMode
Enable/disable database-intensive features
Введено в версии:pre 1.1.0
Удалено в версии:всё ещё используется
Допустимые значения:(boolean)
Значение по умолчанию:false

Miser mode is a mode intended to reduce load on server farms running a large number of wikis. It is enabled on all WMF wikis.


If true, disable database-intensive features, so that they can be managed/controlled separately if desired. This includes reading special pages marked as expensive from the cache instead of regenerating them every time they are requested.

With $wgMiserMode set to true, this means that the special pages managed by this flag will only be updated when explicitly made to update. For example, setting up a cron-job to call /maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php or using Extension:RefreshSpecial .

The other disabled features are...

  • Disables selecting all pages that start with x box on Special:Log (and leprefix option of list=logevents API module)
  • Totally disables Special:MimeSearch, as well as aimime and famime option in the list=allimages and list=filearchive API module
  • In the list=categorymembers and list=externallinks API module, uses reduced sorting by namespace mode (returns only a few results when cmnamespace or elnamespace option is in use).
  • Do not show how many previous versions of an image were uploaded on Special:ListFiles
  • When running updateCollation.php maintenance script, will not tell you how many rows in total there are to update.
Версия MediaWiki:
Gerrit change 109710
Версии MediaWiki:
1.33 – 1.34
Gerrit change 294774

It is substituted by a single dash after saving the page.

Версия MediaWiki:
Gerrit change 570985
  • Disables the {{REVISIONID}} magic word in subject namespaces as of gerrit:570985.

It is substituted by a single dash after saving the page.

For reference, this very wiki uses miser mode. You can tell if a wiki has miser mode enabled via the meta=siteinfo API module.


Версия MediaWiki:

This configuration option disables update.php in 1.18.0 (and only 1.18.0. Subsequent releases will not use this option for that purpose), requiring one to use --force to run that script. Very very very large wikis (like Wikipedia) may need to have more careful upgrade process than the maintenance script does, but most sites would not have to worry about this.

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