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MIME类型: $wgMimeInfoFile
Sets the MIME type info file to be used by MimeAnalyzer.php .
允许的值:(path relative to $IP )
默认值:'internal' (1.35+)
'includes/' (1.5-1.34)


Sets the MIME type info file, which assigns each MIME type to one of several general categories. The available categories are as follows:

UNKNOWN unknown format
BITMAP some bitmap image or image source (like PSD, etc). Can't scale up.
DRAWING some vector drawing (SVG, WMF, PS, ...) or image source (oo-draw, etc). Can scale up.
AUDIO simple audio file (ogg, mp3, wav, midi, whatever)
VIDEO simple video file (ogg, mpg, etc; do not include formats here that may contain executable sections or scripts!)
MULTIMEDIA Scriptable Multimedia (flash, advanced video container formats, etc)
OFFICE Office Documents, Spreadsheets (office formats possibly containing macros, scripts, etc)
TEXT plain text (possibly containing program code or scripts)
EXECUTABLE binary executable
ARCHIVE archive file (zip, tar, etc)

A default file is distributed with MediaWiki.


$wgMimeInfoFile = "/usr/doc/";
$wgMimeInfoFile = null;   // use a limited set of built-in defaults only (defined in {{git file|project=mediawiki/core|branch=master|file=includes/libs/mime/MimeAnalyzer.php|line=137|text=MimeAnalyzer.php}})