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Memcached の設定: $wgMemCachedServers
memcached サーバー
導入されたバージョン:1.1.0 未満
既定値:[ '', ] (1.22+)
array( '' ) (1.1-1.21)

memcached ネットワーク サーバーの配列、または PHP の形式を用いた unix ソケットのパス名 (例) unix:///var/run/memcached/socket (メモリ ベースのオブジェクト ストア memcached で使用)。

Note that beginning in MediaWiki 1.35.6, 1.36.4 and 1.37.2, when specifying a unix socket pathname, a trailing :port number must not be specified. It was ignored by the prior versions, but is now treated as part of the pathname.


To use multiple servers (physically separate boxes or multiple caches on one machine on a large-memory x86 box), just add more items to the array. To increase the weight of a server (say, because it has twice the memory of the others and you want to spread usage evenly), make its entry a subarray:

$wgMemCachedServers = [
  "", # このボックスに 1GB
  [ "", 2 ] # 他のボックスに 2GB

You can have multiple wikis point to the same Memcached server, as long as each have different wiki-ids ($wgDBname ). Certain cache keys are intentionally shared in such a scenario, such as rate limiting stuff.

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