User accounts, authentication: $wgMaxSigChars
Maximum wiki code length for customized signatures.
Introduced in version:1.11.0 (r22960)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(integer)
Default value:255

Details edit

Maximum wiki code length, in characters, for customized signatures. Preview versions of 1.10.0 prior to phab:rMWc52af0da6d7a used UTF-8 bytes instead of characters.

  Warning: This does not consider the length of the substituted templates used in the signature, so although {{subst:<Very long template name>}} will be rejected if the template name has more than $wgMaxSigChars (-10) characters, {{subst:Main page}} will work even if the main page is a lot longer than $wgMaxSigChars (task T12715).