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Files and file uploads: $wgImgAuthUrlPathMap
Map of relative URL directories to match to internal mwstore:// base storage paths.
Wprowadzono w wersji:1.23.0 (Gerrit change 95304; git #0eb52399)
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For img_auth.php requests, everything after img_auth.php/ is checked to see if starts with any of the prefixes defined here. The prefixes should not overlap. The prefix that matches has a corresponding storage path, which the rest of the URL is assumed to be relative to. The file at that path (or a 404) is send to the client. Przykład:

$wgImgAuthUrlPathMap['/timeline/'] = 'mwstore://local-fs/timeline-render/';

The above maps .../img_auth.php/timeline/X to mwstore://local-fs/timeline-render/. The name local-fs should correspond by name to an entry in $wgFileBackends .