Extensions: $wgHooks
Global list of hooks.
Introduced in version:1.4.0 (r6405)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:See details
Default value:[]

Details edit

Global list of hooks. It is an array of arrays: it specifies for every event an array of functions to be called.

In MW 1.40, the use of $wgHooks after initialisation was deprecated (T331602). Use HookContainer::register and HookContainer::scopedRegister instead.

Add a hook by doing:

$wgHooks['event_name'][] = 'function';


$wgHooks['event_name'][] = array( 'function', $data );


$wgHooks['event_name'][] = array( $object, 'method' );


$wgHooks['event_name'][] = $object;

In the last case, the callback is expected to be a method in $object of the same name as the event preceded by "on", e.g. "onUnknownAction"

Hooks are called when events happen, where a hook is a PHP function, and an event is an abstract concept.

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