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Purge via HTCP multicanal: $wgHTCPPort
Port for HTCP multicast purging
Introduit dans la version :1.4.1
Retiré dans la version :1.24.0 (Gerrit change 150761; git #0eed71b7)
Valeurs autorisées :Non renseigné
Valeur par défaut :4827


UDP/IP port to which to multicast HTCP requests, originally used with $wgHTCPMulticastAddress . Both were deprecated in MediaWiki 1.20.0; use $wgHTCPMulticastRouting in MediaWiki 1.20.0 and $wgHTCPRouting for MediaWiki 1.22 and subsequent.

As of MediaWiki 1.23 the old variables are still supported (by being copied to their successors in includes/Setup.php ) but are obsolete.

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