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名前空間: $wgExtraSignatureNamespaces
本文 (トーク以外) 名前空間での編集ツールバーの「署名」ボタンの表示を制御する。
導入されたバージョン:1.26.0 (Gerrit change 87649; git #b3f897e9)


The "Signature" button on the edit toolbar is by default only shown in talk namespaces. It is hidden by default in non-talk namespaces. $wgExtraSignatureNamespaces controls in which subject (non-talk) namespaces the "Signature" button on the edit toolbar will be displayed. $wgExtraSignatureNamespaces is an array of namespaces, in addition to the talk namespaces, where signatures (~~~~) are likely to be used. This determines whether to display the Signature button on the edit toolbar, and may also be used by extensions. For example, "traditional" style wikis, where content and discussion are intermixed, could place NS_MAIN and NS_PROJECT namespaces in this array.

$wgExtraSignatureNamespaces = [ NS_MAIN, NS_HELP ];

The configuration will activate the "Signature" button in the Article and the Help namespace.