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Urheberrecht (Copyright): $wgEnableCreativeCommonsRdf
Include Creative Commons licensing information in page output (in RDF format)
Eingeführt in Version:1.3.0
Entfernt in Version:1.19.0 (r88873)
Erlaubte Werte:(Wahrheitswert)


Toggles the inclusion of Creative Commons RDF metadata in page output. See RDF Metadata at Metawiki for more information.

In MediaWiki 1.8.2, the source file Skin.php contains function addMetadataLinks() which calls addMetadataLink() to add Creative Commons metadata when $wgEnableCreativeCommonsRdf evaluates true, with title Creative Commons and type application/rdf+xml, containing an embedded URL with query item action=creativecommons.

When MediaWiki serves a page request with query item action=creativecommons present, function wfCreativeCommonsRdf() is called within source file Metadata.php which parses $wgRightsUrl into metadata format.