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Droits utilisateur, contrôle d'accès et supervision: $wgDnsBlacklistUrls
List of DNS blacklists to use, if $wgEnableDnsBlacklist is true.
Introduit dans la version :1.16.0 (r60506)
Retiré dans la version :Encore utilisé
Valeurs autorisées :(array of strings or arrays) (1.19+)
(array of strings) (1.16-1.18)
Valeur par défaut :[ '', ]


Sets a list of DNS blocklists to use, if $wgEnableDnsBlacklist is set to true. Cela a remplacé $wgSorbsUrl .

Modifications en 1.19

Array values can either be a string containing the URL of the DNS blocklist, or an array containing the URL of the blocklist and an associated "key" should the blocklist require one.

$wgDnsBlacklistUrls = array(
    '', # String containing URL
    array( '', 'mykey' ), # Array with URL and key, for services that require a key
    array( '' )  # Array with just URL. While this works, it is recommended that you just use a string as shown above
$wgDnsBlacklistUrls = array( '', '', '', '', '', '', '' );

You can find DNSBL-format spam databases on or other similar websites.

You should end the domain name with a "." to avoid searching your eventual domain search suffixes.

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