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İstatistikler ve içerik analizi: $wgDisableCounters
Disable page view counters.
Sürümde tanıtıldı:pre 1.1.0
Sürümde kullanımdan kaldırıldı:1.25.0 (Gerrit change 150699; git #90d90dad)
Sürümde kaldırıldı:1.35.0 (Gerrit change 579769; git #81a31e16)
İzin verilen değerler:(boole)
Varsayılan değer:false


$wgDisableCounters determines whether or not to update the number of times a page has been viewed. If $wgDisableCounters is set to false, each page will have a counter in its footer saying: "Bu sayfaya 256 defa erişilmiş."

This setting also determines whether Special:PopularPages is available.

This variable is initialized in includes/DefaultSettings.php . The initial value is false. To override the default value, add the line $wgDisableCounters = true; to the file LocalSettings.php .

The value of the counter is updated in includes/WikiPage.php in the function doViewUpdates(). (In a previous version, this was includes/Article.php in the function incViewCount().) The variable $wgDisableCounters is also referred to in other script files.

Uyarı Uyarı: Once disabled you will lose the correct view counts forever!
If you are using squid caching, you will want to disable these counters, as squid caching prevents mediawiki from seeing all requests, which makes these counters inaccurate.


If performance problems due to high hit counts updating the page table is a concern, a less dramatic alternative to disabling them may be to tweak $wgHitcounterUpdateFreq .

You can also retrieve such statistics through your apache (or squid if using squid caching) request logs.

Uyarı Uyarı: The update to MediaWiki version 1.25 will cause the loss of view counts forever, if extension HitCounters is not installed!

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