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Spécifique à MySQL: $wgDBTableOptions
MySQL table options to use during installation or update.
Introduit dans la version :1.10.0 (r21466)
Retiré dans la version :Encore utilisé
Valeurs autorisées :(string)
Valeur par défaut :'ENGINE=InnoDB, DEFAULT CHARSET=binary'


MySQL table options to use during installation or update. $wgDBTableOptions will be set in the LocalSettings.php file generated by the installer. You can choose one of the following options resulting in the according values:

MySQL binary
No matter which value is selected here, MediaWiki internally always produces data in UTF-8 encoding to be saved in the database. Thus a conversion is never needed. Since binary charsets prevent MySQL from doing charset conversions, which otherwise unnecessarily might take place, the recommended setting is the default setting.
The keyword "TYPE" was deprecated and is no longer supported by current MySQL versions (≥5.5). If you then use the "TYPE" keyword anyway, you will get an error "1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near "TYPE=InnoDB"". The solution is to use the keyword "ENGINE" instead of "TYPE".
Version de MediaWiki : 1.18

The following setting is no longer available in current versions due to dropped MySQL 4 support:

MySQL 4.0 backwards-compatible UTF-8