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サーバー URL とファイル パス: $wgCanonicalServer
サーバーの正規 URL、IRC フィード、通知メールなどで使用する。
導入されたバージョン:1.18.0 (r94995)
許容される値:(URL 文字列)
既定値:$wgServer 。$wgServer がプロトコル相対の場合は、HTTP にしたものが使用される


Server name with protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) to use for links to the wiki from external locations, such as IRC feeds and email notifications. Must be fully qualified, even if $wgServer is protocol-relative.

You can often ignore this variable. However, if you have set $wgServer to a protocol-relative URL (for example, // and you would like links to your wiki to use HTTPS, set this variable to the equivalent HTTPS URL (for example,

$wgServer = '//';
$wgCanonicalServer = ''; // use HTTPS for links. Default would be ''