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Erweiterungen: $wgAutoloadClasses
Array mapping class names to filenames, for autoloading.
Eingeführt in Version:1.7.0 (r15031)
Entfernt in Version:weiterhin vorhanden
Erlaubte Werte:siehe unten
Standardwert:$wgAutoloadClasses ?? [] (1.34+)
[] (1.7-1.33)


This array maps class and interface names to PHP filenames. MediaWiki core's AutoLoader uses it to load those files.

MediaWiki Version:

Extensions (and skins) specify this class mapping in the AutoloadClasses key of extension.json (or skin.json), for example from the BoilerPlate extension's extension.json:

    "AutoloadClasses": {
        "BoilerPlateHooks": "BoilerPlate.hooks.php",
        "SpecialHelloWorld": "specials/SpecialHelloWorld.php"

Example prior to extension.json

Assume the extension NewExtension's files are in the directory extensions/NewExtension.

If NewExtension implements a class called NewClass in the file NewClass.php, then in its initialization file NewExtension/NewExtension.php it should add to $wgAutoloadClasses as follows:

$wgAutoloadClasses['NewClass'] = __DIR__ . '/NewClass.php';
Loading interfaces is done in the same manner as loading classes

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