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Ilustracje: $wgTrustedMediaFormats
List of trusted media-types and MIME types.
Wprowadzono w wersji:1.5.0
Usunięto w wersji:nadal w użyciu
Dozwolone wartości:nie określono
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List of trusted media-types and MIME types. MIME types are maintained by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). You may wish to consult a list of common MIME types and their associated file extensions before trying to determine what to add to $wgTrustedMediaFormats. Use the MEDIATYPE_xxx constants to represent media types.

Files that do not match an entry on this list or have an unknown media type and which are not allowed for inline display or trusted by a file-handling extension will have the content of the system message MediaWiki:Mediawarning displayed on the image description page. The default message is:

Uwaga! Plik w tym formacie może zawierać złośliwy kod.
Jeśli go otworzysz, możesz zarazić swój system.

Domyślna wartość

Wersja MediaWiki:
$wgTrustedMediaFormats = [
	MEDIATYPE_BITMAP, // all bitmap formats
	MEDIATYPE_AUDIO, // all audio formats
	MEDIATYPE_VIDEO, // all plain video formats
	"image/svg+xml", // svg (only needed if inline rendering of svg is not supported)
	"application/pdf", // Pliki PDF
	# "application/x-shockwave-flash", //flash/shockwave movie
Wersje MediaWiki:
1.5 – 1.9
$wgTrustedMediaFormats= array(
	MEDIATYPE_BITMAP, //all bitmap formats
	MEDIATYPE_AUDIO,  //all audio formats
	MEDIATYPE_VIDEO,  //all plain video formats
	"image/svg",  //svg (only needed if inline rendering of svg is not supported)
	"application/pdf",  //PDF files
	#"application/x-shockwave-flash", //flash/shockwave movie