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Thumbnail settings: $wgThumbLimits
List of image thumbnail sizes users can pick from.
Wprowadzono w wersji:1.5.0
Usunięto w wersji:nadal w użyciu
Dozwolone wartości:(array of positive integers)
Domyślna wartość:(patrz poniżej)


Users can select a default image thumbnail size in their preferences, which is used for all images displayed as thumbnails that lack an explicitly defined size. In order to reduce disk usage, users can only select a value from this list.

This setting relates to image thumbnails in articles and other wiki pages. For images as shown on image description pages (File: namespace), see $wgImageLimits . For errors such as "Error creating thumbnail: File with dimensions greater than 12.5 MP", see $wgMaxImageArea .

Default values

Wersja MediaWiki:
$wgThumbLimits = [


In order to reduce disk usage, the number of different values selectable from a list may by reduced. Put these settings in your LocalSettings.php :

// Don't allow more than three thumb sizes to reduce disk usage
$wgThumbLimits  = array(
   120, // thumb size 0
   250, // thumb size 1
   300  // thumb size 2

If you change this array, you also want to change the default user option for thumb sizes on pages. Each thumb size set is automatically associated with an integer value that may be used for the "thumbsize" user option. This value always starts with "0" for the lowest thumb size set in the array and increases by 1 per additional thumb size defined, e.g. if five different thumb sizes were set the lowest value for the user option is "0" while "4" is the highest.

// By default display the midsize option
$wgDefaultUserOptions['thumbsize'] = 1; // thumb size 250

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