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扩展: $wgSpecialPages
A list of custom special pages.
引进版本:1.7.0 (r15031)


$wgSpecialPages stores a list of custom special pages defined for a MediaWiki installation. The array is keyed by a non-localized id for the special page. The value assigned to each key is an ObjectFactory specifier (MediaWiki 1.34+), or one of the following:

  • string: a string containing the name of a subclass of SpecialPage .
  • array: an array where the first element is the name of the subclass and all remaining elements are parameters that should be passed to the constructor of that subclass. (This format was deprecated in MW 1.18 and is no longer recognized as of MW 1.32.)
  • callback: since MW 1.24, Gerrit change 152755 expected to return a SpecialPage instance. Useful for full control over the special page's construction parameters.
  • an actual SpecialPage object. (在1.34版本中已弃用)

For more information, please see SpecialPage.php