ResourceLoader: $wgResourceModules
Array of all extra defined modules that can later be loaded during the output.
Introduced in version:1.17.0 (r72349)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(multi-dimensional array)
Default value:[]

Examples edit

Below is an example of how to use this in an extension. You would put this in your extension.json file.

"ResourceModules": {
    "ext.MyExtension": {
        "localBasePath": "modules/ext.MyExtension",
        "remoteExtPath": "MyExtension/modules/ext.MyExtension",
        "styles": [
        "packageFiles": [
        "messages": [
        "dependencies": [

Options edit

See MainConfigSchema::ResourceModules.

Loading module edit

See ResourceLoader/Migration guide (developers)#Adding a module to the page :

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