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Jobs: $wgJobRunRate
매번 요청에 수행할 작업의 개수
이 변수가 소개된 버전:1.6.0 (r13088)
이 변수가 사라진 버전:계속해서 쓰이고 있음
허용값:(정수 >= 0)


매번 요청에 수행할 작업의 개수. May be less than one in which case jobs are performed or not performed based on probability. If this is zero, jobs will not be done during ordinary apache requests. In this case, maintenance/runJobs.php should be run periodically.


작업 대기줄 (job queue)는 많고 짧은 작업을 다루기 위해 설계되었습니다. 기본적으로 요청이 실행될때에, 작업대기줄에서 하나의 작업이 실행되어집니다. If the performance burden of this is too great, you can reduce $wgJobRunRate by putting something like this in your LocalSettings.php :

$wgJobRunRate = 0.01;

This will cause one item in the job queue to run on average every 100 page views. It is important to understand that this means that on every page view the probability of running a queued item is 1 in 100. This means that (in theory at least) you could still end up with one job being run every page impression, or (at the other end of the scale) no jobs being run at all. However, in practice, providing you have enough traffic to make a meaningful sample size, it should be about 1 per 100 requests.

미디어위키의 어떤 버전에서는 작업의 개수를 Special:Statistics 에서 볼 수 있습니다. However, this number is a rough estimate, and thus misleading, so it was removed in 1.17 (r65059).

In later versions, you can still view it by calling the API:

작업 큐는 MediaWiki.php triggerJobs() (1.23 이전에는 doJobs()) 에 위치합니다.

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