Frontend: $wgHandheldStyle
Style for media="handheld".
Introduced in version:1.14.0 (r38116)
Removed in version:1.22.0 (Gerrit change 60259; git #02919f75)
Allowed values:(string) or false
Default value:false



Optionally, we can specify a stylesheet to use for media="handheld". This is recognized by some, but not all, handheld/mobile/PDA browsers. If left empty, compliant handheld browsers won't pick up the skin stylesheet, which is specified for 'screen' media.

Can be a complete URL, base-relative path, or $wgStylePath-relative path. Will also be switched in when 'handheld=yes' is added to the URL, like the 'printable=yes' mode for print media.

MediaWiki version:

For example, to apply the Chick styles to the MonoBook HTML, try $wgHandheldStyle = 'chick/main.css';. Please note that the Chick skin is being removed in MediaWiki 1.22 .