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Zugang: $wgFilterCallback
Similarly (to $wgSpamRegex ) if this function returns true
Eingeführt in Version:1.3.0 (r4130)
Veraltet in Version:1.17.0
Entfernt in Version:1.20.0 (Gerrit change 36733; git #ba5ee43a)
Erlaubte Werte:nicht angegeben


Similar to $wgSpamRegex , you can get a function to do the job. The function will be given the following args:

  1. a Title object for the article the edit is made on
  1. the text submitted in the textarea (wpTextbox1)
  1. the section number.

The return should be boolean indicating whether the edit matched some evilness:

  • true: block it
  • false: let it through