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名前空間: $wgExtraGenderNamespaces
名前空間の性別を区別する目的の名前空間のための$wgExtraNamespaces と同じものです。
導入されたバージョン:1.18.0 (r97296)


名前空間の性別を区別するための名前空間 (ユーザースペース) のための$wgExtraNamespaces と同じです。 性別の区別が必要な名前空間が追加されている場合、自分で定義する必要があります。



$wgExtraGenderNamespaces = [
	NS_USER => [ 'male' => 'Male_user', 'female' => 'Female_user' ]

In this example the namespace name fallbacks to the MediaWiki default User:, so nothing needs to be added to $wgExtraNamespaces.

In case the language of the wiki as set with the $wgLanguageCode parameter has a native distinction of gender the change of the namespace's name will be done automatically for the ones provided natively by MediaWiki. In case you would like to prevent this from happening, you will have to override this by setting this parameter explicitly not to do this for the namespace and consequently for the associated talk namespace as well, e.g. for German:

$wgExtraGenderNamespaces = [
	NS_USER => [ 'male' => 'Benutzer', 'female' => 'Benutzer' ],
	NS_USER_TALK => [ 'male' => 'Benutzer_Diskussion', 'female' => 'Benutzer_Diskussion' ]

Usually the female version of user would correctly be "Benutzerin" in German.