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構文解析: $wgEnableMagicLinks
導入されたバージョン:1.28.0 (Gerrit change 309528; git #78debba3)
	'ISBN' => false,
	'PMID' => false,
	'RFC' => false,

マジックリンク機能を有効にするかどうかを制御します。 As of MediaWiki 1.28, magic links are now disabled by default. It has been proposed to remove magic link functionality from MediaWiki in a future release, if you depend upon or use them it is requested that you comment at Requests for comment/Future of magic links.


$wgEnableMagicLinks['ISBN'] = true;

If auto-linking was previously disabled and you've enabled it as described above, you'll most likely need to purge the cache of the affected pages. For purging all pages in a given namespace or all pages in all namespaces, you can use the purgeList.php maintenance script.