Parser: $wgEnableImageWhitelist
Enables an on-wiki external image whitelist
Introduced in version:1.14.0 (r40310)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(boolean)
Default value:false (1.32+)
true (1.14-1.31)



If $wgAllowExternalImages is false, enabling this will turn on an on-wiki external image whitelist at MediaWiki:External image whitelist (a page on the wiki). Items on this whitelist page are regular expression fragments that are each matched when an external image is being parsed. Items that match a whitelist entry will be displayed, those that do not match will be linked.

Lines on the whitelist starting with # and blank lines are not used to find a match

This setting may be used concurrently with $wgAllowExternalImagesFrom without any issues.

The following code snippets show how to enable and disable this feature, respectively.

// Enable the [[MediaWiki:External image whitelist]] page
$wgAllowExternalImages = false;
$wgEnableImageWhitelist = true;
// Disable the page
$wgEnableImageWhitelist = false;
#This line is a comment. The part below allows all images from commons
#Allow Photobucket

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