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DjVu: $wgDjvuToXML
Path of the djvutoxml executable.
引进版本:1.8.0 (r16036)
移除版本:1.37.0 (Gerrit change 720401; git #64752c0f)


Path of the djvutoxml executable.

This works like $wgDjvuDump except much, much slower as of version 3.5. For now it is recommended that you use djvudump instead. The djvuxml output is probably more stable, so this recommendation may be reversed once they fix the efficiency problem. [1]

To enable the rendering of DjVu files, both $wgDjvuRenderer and this setting must be set. Alternatively you could set $wgDjvuDump instead of $wgDjvuToXML. (If both $wgDjvuDump and $wgDjvuToXML are set, only $wgDjvuDump is used.)


$wgDjvuToXML = 'djvutoxml';