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DjVu: $wgDjvuPostProcessor
Path of the DjVu post-processor.
Introduced in version:1.8.0 (r16036)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(string)
Default value:'pnmtojpeg' (since 1.10.0)
'ppmtojpeg' (prior to 1.10.0)


Path of the DjVu post-processor. May include command line options. The output generated by $wgDjvuRenderer is passed onto this program.

The default: 'ppmtojpeg' is used, since ddjvu generates ppm output, which needs to be converted to JPEG to be viewed in browsers.

If your post-processor outputs anything other than .jpg files, you need to set $wgDjvuOutputExtension as well.

Change thumbnails to PNGEdit

$wgDjvuPostProcessor = "pnmtopng";
$wgDjvuOutputExtension = "png";

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