DjVu: $wgDjvuDump
Path to the djvudump executable.
Introduced in version:1.10.0 (r21411)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(filesystem path) or null
Default value:null

Details edit

Path to the djvudump executable.

To enable the rendering of DjVu files, both $wgDjvuRenderer and $wgDjvuDump must be set. Alternatively you could set $wgDjvuToXML instead of $wgDjvuDump. (If both $wgDjvuDump and $wgDjvuToXML are set, only $wgDjvuDump is used.)


$wgDjvuDump = "djvudump";
$wgDjvuRenderer = "ddjvu";

If this variable is set, $wgShellboxShell must be set to the correct shell path.

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