Special pages: $wgDisableQueryPageUpdate
Array of special pages that should not be updated.
Introduced in version:1.9.0 (r18670)
Removed in version:still in use
Allowed values:(array) or false
Default value:false

Details edit

Set this to an array of special page names to prevent maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php from updating those pages. This setting will be ignored when the script is called with the --override flag.

Array items can be either in the <special page name> or in the <special page name> => <run mode> format. The run mode is used to show a custom querypage-updates-<run mode> interface message on the special page, instead of the normal "Updates for this page are currently disabled." one. Together with the override flag this can be used to have a default refresh cadence for most query pages but special-case some of them.

Example edit

$wgDisableQueryPageUpdate = [
    'Lonelypages' => 'monthly',
    'Wantedtemplates' => 'periodical',

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