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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:$wgDefaultSkin and the translation is 75% complete.
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皮肤: $wgDefaultSkin
默认值:'vector' (1.18+)
'monobook' (1.3–1.17)


此设置设定了默认的皮肤,需确认皮肤名称应首字母小写(例如:"monoBook" 而不是 "MonoBook" )。



In versions up to at most 1.11, upon registration the value of $wgDefaultSkin was copied to the user preferences; thus setting $wgDefaultSkin to another skin would not have had any effect on registered users, even if they never changed their preferences. And it did not have an effect on registered users, who did change the skin to use.

When you remove a skin from the list of skins to choose from, use the maintenance script userOptions.php to make sure that this skin is also not chosen by any user:

php userOptions.php skin --old "monobook" --new "vector"



Several skins are included with the MediaWiki installer tarball (the table below details the versions they were/are available with). You can find more skins in Category:All skins.

The first column gives the ID which should be used to configure this setting, the second gives the name as it appears within the MediaWiki interface and the third indicates the versions of MediaWiki that this skin is available for:

ID 名称 版本
standard Classic 010011.0版以前~1.21版
nostalgia Nostalgia 010011.0版以前~1.21版
cologneblue Cologne Blue 01001pre-1.0 - 1.30
smarty Paddington 010002003-09-11 - 1.2
montparnasse Montparnasse 010002003-09-11 - 1.2
davinci DaVinci 010301.3
modern Modern 011201.12 - 1.30
monobook MonoBook 010301.3+
myskin MySkin 010301.3 – 1.21
chick Chick 010401.4 – 1.21
simple Simple 010501.5 – 1.21
timeless Timeless 013101.31+
vector Vector 011601.16+
amethyst Amethyst 010401.4
wikimania Wikimania 010401.4