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Fichiers et téléversements de fichiers: $wgCopyUploadAsyncTimeout
HTTP timeout (in seconds) for asynchronous upload by URL
Introduit dans la version :1.22.0 (Gerrit change 67229; git #7a0ed924)
Retiré dans la version :1.27.0 (Gerrit change 265646; git #1ebc9128)
Valeurs autorisées :(integer) or false
Valeur par défaut :false


The asynchronous copy uploads feature was removed in MediaWiki 1.27, as it was never functional.

The HTTP timeout (in seconds) to use when downloading the file for an asynchronous upload-by-URL request. This could be useful since when fetching large files via the job queue, you may want a different timeout, especially because there is no HTTP request being kept alive.

By default, or when set to false, MediaWiki falls back to the value of $wgCopyUploadTimeout . If that is also false, the value of $wgHTTPTimeout is used.

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