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Cookies: $wgCookieSetOnAutoblock
Determines whether to set a cookie when a user is autoblocked. Doing so means that a blocked user, even after logging out and moving to a new IP address, will still be blocked.
Wprowadzono w wersji:1.29.0 (Gerrit change 48029; git #1cc3a572)
Usunięto w wersji:nadal w użyciu
Dozwolone wartości:(wartość logiczna)
Domyślna wartość:true (1.34+)
false (1.29-1.33)


The cookie that is set will expire when the block expires or after 24 hours, whichever is shorter. This means that cookies for indefinite blocks will expire after 24 hours.

The cookie is named 'BlockID', prefixed with $wgCookiePrefix . Its value is just the hashed block ID and no other data.

If $wgCookieSetOnAutoblock is set to false, no cookie will be set during the creation of an autoblock.

See Autoblock#Tracking for more information.

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