Miscellaneous settings: $wgContentHandlerUseDB
Whether to use the database fields introduced by the ContentHandler facility
Introduced in version:1.21.0
Deprecated in version:1.34.0 (Gerrit change 535666; git #165d3cc5)
Removed in version:1.35.0 (Gerrit change 589018; git #385ab887)
Allowed values:(boolean)
Default value:true



Set to false to disable use of the database fields introduced by the ContentHandler facility. This way, the ContentHandler facility can be used without any additional information in the database. A page's content model is then derived solely from the page's title. This however means that changing a page's default model (e.g. using $wgNamespaceContentModels ) will break the page and/or make the content inaccessible. This also means that pages can not be moved to a title that would default to a different content model.

Overall, set to false, no database updates are needed, but content handling is less robust and less flexible.