Content handlers and storage: $wgContentHandlerTextFallback
How to react if a plain text version of a non-text Content object is requested using ContentHandler::getContentText()
Introduced in version:1.21.0
Deprecated in version:1.37.0 (Gerrit change 691704; git #e34e93f2)
Removed in version:1.42.0 (Gerrit change 993049; git #ba1563a0)
Allowed values:(one of the allowed parameters)
Default value:'ignore'

Allowed parameters edit

Depending on the value, the following action is taken when Content is not a TextContent object:

  • 'ignore' - ContentHandler::getContentText() returns null
  • 'fail' - Throw an MWException
  • 'serialize' - Use the Content objects serialize method to get a string