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Parser: $wgAllowImageTag
Permette l'uso dell'etichetta ‎<img> nel wikitexto.
Introdotto nella versione:1.17.0 (r65286)
Deprecated in version:1.35.0 (Gerrit change 604508; git #8c43d758)
Rimosso nella versione:1.42.0 (Gerrit change 994116; git #4c689836)
Valori concessi:(booleano)
Valore predefinito:false


Permette l'uso dell'etichetta ‎<img> nel wikitexto. This allows you to specify alt text and other attributes, copy-paste HTML to your wiki more easily, etc. However, allowing external images in any manner will allow anyone with editing rights to snoop on your visitors' IP addresses and so forth, if they wanted to, by inserting links to images on sites they control. Hence enabling this setting can represent a privacy risk to your visitors.

See task T355107 for alternative solution (in discussion) to use the <img> tag.

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