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MediaWiki is a collaboration and documentation platform brought to you by a vibrant community.

The MediaWiki software is used by tens of thousands of websites and thousands of companies and organizations. It powers Wikipedia and also this website. MediaWiki helps you collect and organize knowledge and make it available to people. It's powerful, multilingual, free and open, extensible, customizable, reliable, and free of charge. Find out more and if MediaWiki is right for you.

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Maintenance update A proposal to explore GitLab for code review to supersede Gerrit welcomes your developer feedback.
2020-11-24 to 2020-11-26
Maintenance update SMWCon Fall 2020 (online)
Release candidate MediaWiki 1.35.0-rc.3 pre-release is now ready for testing.
Release candidate MediaWiki 1.35.0-rc.2 pre-release is now ready for testing.
Release candidate MediaWiki 1.35.0-rc.1 pre-release is now ready for testing.
Release candidate MediaWiki 1.35.0-rc.0 pre-release is now ready for testing.
Security MediaWiki 1.31.8, 1.33.4 and 1.34.2 security releases are now available.

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