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Welcome to the homepage of the Wikimedia Foundation's Machine Learning team.

Guán-ê bo̍k-piau

  • Design, build, and maintain the foundation's machine learning infrastructure.
  • Plan, train, deploy, and manage production machine learning models created or requested by Wikimedia teams or Wiki communities.
  • Develop best practices for applied ethical machine learning.


  • Sing-kàng Ki-i̍k - A scalable machine learning model serving infrastructure on Kubernetes using KServe.
  • ORES - Objective Revision Evaluation Service is a machine learning prediction system as a web service. (See the list of tools that use ORES)
  • Uiki piau-tsì - Training interface where Wikipedians teach machines how to perform important tasks
  • revscoring - A machine prediction "scoring" framework for building prediction models used by ORES
  • JADE [Tóng-àn] - Robust false-positive and feedback gathering system, to allow human refutation and review of ORES scoring.

Siánn-mih sī sin-ê?

Interested in what we are working on at the moment?

Kah gún tsò-sit

Have a question? Want to talk to the team or our community of volunteers about machine learning? Here are the best ways to connect with us.

Team Chat

Discuss machine learning and watch the team work joining our public IRC chatroom #wikimedia-ml connect on

Live Blog/Talk Page

Kám-ū koh-khah tn̂g ê būn-tê? Want to follow what the team is working on? Visit our live blog. Hóng-mn̄g guán-ê thó-lūn ia̍h-bīn

Kanban Board

Have a particular task you want to discuss or work on, join our public Phabricator board. Hóng-būn gún-ê kang-tsok uí-uân-huē

Tuí ki-tshóo siat-si ê huê-kuī

Would you be interested in providing feedback on the upcoming Lift Wing infrastructure? Let us know by signing up below, with your username and home-wiki.

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