Lua scripting/Benchmarking

Below is a journal of the benchmarking results done on Lua.

2012-11-05 Edit

Tim Starling wrote: "I've tested Lua's performance by comparing the Citation module written by Uncle G and Wikid77 with the previous templates. My benchmark script used the Barack Obama article, optionally substituting the new citation templates with invocations of copies of the templates from Wikipedia. The resulting text was parsed on hume.

"I made a few changes to the module to make the output more similar to old the templates. There are a couple of features missing from the module, but I'm pretty sure they can be added without significantly affecting performance.

"The total parse time was:

  • With Lua: 13.2 seconds
  • Without Lua: 50.4 seconds"

Note that no other templates were changed in the article. Further performance gains can be expected with each significant template ported over to Lua.