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This series of articles presents a series of processes that are kept up to date to put together a MediaWiki with the following goals:

  • Suitable for a corporate environment
  • Emphasis on security
  • Demonstrable build - Each article in this guide has a section describing what has been tested with that article and when
  • Safe upgrades - You have to do the testing for your environment but it will be based on a Long Term Support OS and system software
  • Minimum amount of software - keep it simple
  • Current software - get the latest stuff
  • Visual Editor
  • Secured AD/LDAP authentication with Single Sign On via Kerberos/GSSAPI. Browser configuration is also covered

The idea is that you can deploy a MediaWiki and concentrate on the wiki rather than the system

(2 Nov 2018) Coming soon - Windows installation instructions - PoC done, just needs to be fully tested and then documented

  1. Reference Build on Ubuntu
  2. Wiki Installation
  3. Client Configuration
  4. Curated list of Extensions

Status and to doEdit

Comments and requests please refer to the Discussion page.

  • Suggested extension list and configuration - Started
  • Testing functionality post upgrade
  • At least one more reference OS install - Centos? Windows? - see note above
  • Verify security. A Nessus Professional scan with a PCI DSS profile does not show anything untoward. This is not an endorsement but a pretty decent indication. There are several vulns highlighted due to Apache but these do not allow for back porting by Ubuntu. I'm (Gerdesj (talk) 01:14, 2 November 2018 (UTC)) personally CREST accredited and think that the basics are covered.
  • Consider breaking "Intranet Installation" up into separate pages