These pages present a series of processes to put together a MediaWiki for an intrament with the following goals:

  • Demonstrable build - Each article in this guide has a section describing what has been tested with that article and when
  • Safe upgrades - You have to do the testing for your environment but the described processes have been tested multiple times and notes provided
  • Minimum amount of software - keep it simple
  • Get the latest stuff
  • AD authentication with Single Sign On via Kerberos/GSSAPI and some basic authorisation via LDAP
  • Browser configuration for Kerberized SSO is described
Article What it covers Last updated
Reference Build on Ubuntu Install and quickly configure an Ubuntu Linux OS LTS (LAMP) with a few useful extras 03 Jun 2023
Wiki Installation Install the wiki software. Also covers upgrading it with safety in mind 12 Apr 2024
Client Configuration Configure browsers for single sign on through Kerberos 01 Jun 2023
Extensions How to load extensions with a suggested list to start from 15 Oct 2019