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HTTP StatusEdit



General internal server error. The title and detail field might suggest the reason for a failure, but in most cases the error is unexpected, so no useful information would be provided. This error generally represents a bug in the server code. In case it's encountered please file a bug on Phabricator

Error response contains JSON body in the form of application/problem+json

Body SchemaEdit

Field Type Description Example
type string Link to the error description page
method string HTTP request method get
uri string Requested URI that produced this problem
title string High-level explanation of the error Server Error
detail string More detailed explanation of the error reason. Optional, most likely this would no be provided Empty response received from a bacon service
stack string A stack trace of the exception which lead to the error. /sys/parsoid.js:100



Specific error typesEdit


Indicates that a backend service returned empty or no response.


Applications built using HyperSwitch framework heavily rely on modularisation. So, to get the requested content sometimes several modules needs to be called. Each module call is represented by an internal request. In case of a bug, there could be a cycle of internal requests, resulting in infinite recursion. HyperSwitch is protected from such situations by limiting the recursion depth. The default limit is 10. To help in debugging errors like this the following extra fields are added to the response:

Field Type Description Example
depth integer Current recursion depth 10
parents array HyperSwitch context objects hold a reference to caller contexts. So, for debugging the whole chain of contexts is returned, that allows the user to follow the chain of requests which lead to infinite recursion..