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Your watchlist is a display for tracking changes, similar to the تازيون تبديليون display, but limited to showing changes only across your set of "watched" pages. You can see your watchlist by following the "نظر ۾ فھرست" link in your account menu (on the top right). This feature is only available to users who have registered and logged in.


Add pages to watchlist

Before you see anything interesting here, you have to actually add some pages to your watchlist. Do so by navigating to a page that interests you, and click the star icon   (or "نظر ۾ رکو" tab).

A page already in your watchlist will be marked with a blue star (  or "نظر ۾ نہ رکو" tab).

If you want to remove pages from your watchlist, click on the blue star icon   (or "نظر ۾ نہ رکو" tab).

Why a watchlist

The watchlist feature is mainly useful on a very busy wiki where the "تازيون تبديليون" display becomes too overwhelming with many changes you don't want to follow. On a typical low traffic wiki, you can normally see all of the editing activity across the whole wiki without feeling overwhelmed. On a more busy wiki you will find that many edits are taking place on pages which you personally find less interesting. To help track changes which are more interesting, start watching pages!

Typically you would watch pages related to your interest areas, and also pages where you care most about the content. If you make a significant edit to a page, you might want to watch the page (so you know when there are any follow-up edits). Note that there is a also a checkbox on the edit screen ("هيءُ صفحو نظر ۾ رکو") for this purpose.

Your watchlist is personal. You can watch any page you want. That choice will remain private.

Use your watchlist

On the watchlist display, some page names appear in bold. This indicates whether or not you have visited the page to see the change. It's a bit like read/unread emails in an email inbox. The "تازيون تبديليون" display will also have some new bold highlighting, but for a different reason. Here bold is just indicating edits to pages on your watchlist.

You can combine different kinds of filters to display the results you want.

برقي اطلاع

According to the relevant preferences, changes to pages you watch may also be notified to you by email. The main preference for this is "منهنجي نظر ۾ فھرست اندر شامل ڪنهن صفحي يا فائيل ۾ تبديل پيش اچي مون کي برقٽپال اماڻيو".

After receiving an email notification for a page, you have to visit the page while logged in if you want to be notified of further changes to the same page.

Watchlist feed with token

You can set up an RSS or Atom feed of your watchlist that is accessible even when logged out:[1]

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