Help:Recent changes/Configuration without October 2017 filters

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In October 2017, adjustments were made to the filters for accessing Recent changes. While the filters remain largely similar, some distinct elements have been modified.

On the Recent Changes page




You can customize the recent changes page by choosing specific options. For instance, you can select a namespace, include or exclude talk pages, and even see changes in all namespaces except the one or two you specify.

Registered users can customize their preferences, including default settings for certain features and the arrangement of recent changes. For guidance on how to do this, refer to the instructions on how to log in and adjusting preferences. Some available preferences are:

  • Hide edits marked as minor in recent changes – This conceals any edits marked as minor by registered users.
  • Enhanced recent changes – This groups multiple edits together. This feature requires JavaScript and may not function in all browsers. See Enhanced recent changes
  • Days to show in recent changes – On the recent changes page, you can choose how many days of updates you want to see by default.
  • Number of recent changes – You can automatically decide how many recent updates you want to view. Additional options are available once you're on the page. For enhanced recent changes, this count includes initially hidden changes.

Viewing new changes starting from a particular time


You can see the changes you haven't seen yet by clicking the link labeled "Show new changes starting from 10:32 Jun 24, 2024" if you have loaded the most recent updates at, say, 10:32 Jun 24, 2024. You can also bookmark the page to check the recent changes later, even if you've used your browser for other tasks or turned off your computer. In Internet Explorer, you can do this by right-clicking on the link and selecting "add to favorites". Alternatively, you can save the most recent version of the page.

Use // (format yyyymmddhhmmss, UTC time) to see the updated changes without requiring any of these preparations.

You can paste this URL into your browser and adjust the date and time. However, you can't use the feature that shows the number of recent changes if you've chosen to "hide unregistered users" unless you manually change the URL.

Hiding unregistered users


A version of recent changes called Special:Recentchanges/hideliu only displays changes made by unregistered users. Those who are keeping an eye out for vandalism may find this helpful. The hideliu feature allows you to view updates starting at a specific time and other features, but you have to manually change the URL to include &hideliu=1. For instance, you might be able to get the following URL by clicking the time (as mentioned in this section): //

To view recent changes made by unregistered users from a specific time, change the URL to include the timestamp like this: //