Help:Lint errors/multiple-unclosed-formatting-tags

Problem edit

There are two unrelated instances where this category is emitted.

Scenario 1: Accumulated effect of small and big tags edit

When more than one ‎<small> or ‎<big> tag is left unclosed on a page, the effects of those small and big tags accumulate on a page. See this revision on Italian Wikipedia for an example of a particularly bad case with 13 unclosed small tags.

Scenario 2: Incorrect use of ‎<tag> instead of ‎</tag> edit

Sometimes, editors accidentally use an opening tag instead of a closing tag. For example (<code>foo<code> instead of <code>foo</code>) (Ex: this revision on itwiki)

Solution edit

In both the scenarios, close the corresponding unclosed tag.

Affected tags edit

Note that these scenarios only affect formatting tags: a, b, big, code, em, font, i, nobr, s, small, strike, strong, tt, u

Caveats edit

  1. This error is expected to not be very common.
  2. There can be false positives if the unclosed ‎<small>/‎<big> tags are in different cells of a table.