Help:Lint errors/missing-end-tag

The missing-end-tag error is when a ‎<tag> is opened, but not closed. To fix it, close the opened tag.

Example 1:

<span> rabbits

In example 1, the span needs to be closed by adding ‎</span> at the end.

Example 2:



Example 3:

<span> rabbits</span>

Examples 2 and 3 not only causes the missing end linter warning but also the stripped tag warning. Solutions for 2 and 3 depend on the exact required output. The simplest is to change the ‎<span> into a ‎<div>.

The confusing message is a result of ‎<p>...‎</p> tags being automatically generated by the parser for each paragraph of text.

Example 4:


In example 4, the HTML tag is a result of parsing wikitext syntax for italics. It needs to be closed by adding '' at the end.


The following tools can help fix missing end tags: