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This is user documentation for Template sandbox. Technical documentation for the TemplateSandbox extension is also available.

Die Vorlagen-Sandbox-Erweiterung macht es einfacher Änderungen bei templates und Scribunto modules vorzunehmen, da es die Vorschau der Änderungen der existierenden Seite erlaubt, ohne die Änderungen für andere sichtbar zu machen.

Testing a change to a single template

When the extension is installed and enabled, a box titled "Vorschau der Seite mit dieser Vorlage anzeigen" will appear on the edit form underneath the "Seite speichern" and other buttons. If you enter the title of a page in the text field and use the adjacent "Vorschau zeigen" button, the entered page will be previewed as it would appear if the template being edited were saved.

Testing a change to multiple templates

To test changes to multiple templates, first save sandbox versions as subpages of a page somewhere. For example, to test changes to Template:Example 1 and Template:Example 2, you might save the sandbox versions to User:Example/sandbox/Template:Example 1 and User:Example/sandbox/Template:Example 2.

Next, go to Special:TemplateSandbox. Enter the title of the page to be previewed in the "Seite rendern:" field, and the prefix used in the previous step (e.g. "User:Example/sandbox") in the "Spielwiesenpräfix:" field.

To preview a particular revision of a page, enter the revision number in the "Version rendern:" field. To preview arbitrary wikitext, fill in both the "Seite rendern:" (for magic words such as {{PAGENAME}}) and "Wikitext rendern:" fields.

Note that the canonical name of the page must be used after the sandbox prefix; equivalent titles will not work. For example, User:Example/sandbox/Template:example 1 will not work, despite the fact that Template:example 1 is equivalent to Template:Example 1.