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Report 拡張機能は、利用者が管理者の注意を引くためにページの版を非公開で報告する仕組みと、管理者がそのような報告を処理する仕組みを追加します。


Finding a revision

まず、注意が必要な問題のある版を見つけます。 差分のいずれかに報告するためのリンクがあります:


Or on the history entry:


Once found, click the link.

Filling out report

Clicking the report link will bring the user to Special:Report.


Fill out the reason that this revision is being reported, then click "Submit report".

An admin will eventually handle the report. It is their decision whether to notify the reporter, as well as what timeframe to handle reports in.


Finding reports

Much like Extension:ConfirmAccount , there will be a banner at the top of Special:RecentChanges when there are new reports to handle:


Clicking that link will bring the user to Special:HandleReports.


Handling reports

A report after being handled.

Clicking a "view report" link will bring the user to view that report:


After taking any actions that might be required, such as hiding revisions, posting talk page messages, etc., making use of the links and information displayed, click "Mark as handled". The user will be redirected back to Special:HandleReports to take care of any other outstanding reports.